Vocational Licence

Online Enquiry E-services for Vocational Licence Holders

Welcome to LTA Online Enquiry E-Service for Vocational Licence Holders

This e-service allows Vocational Licence (VL) holders and other interested parties to check on the status of a VL. To use this enquiry feature, you will need to enter both the NRIC/Foreign Identification Number (FIN) and the date of birth of the VL holder.

You can enquire on the status of all types of VL, as listed below: -

  • Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence
  • Omnibus Driver's Vocational Licence
  • General Bus Driver's Vocational Licence
  • Bus Attendant's Vocational Licence
  • Trishaw Rider's Vocational Licence
  • NRIC No./FIN *  (e.g S1234567A, F1234567A)
    Date of Birth *  - - (Format: DD-MM-YYYY)
    * Mandatory field

    Vocational Licence Forms

    Vocational Licence Application Form
    Medical Examination Forms
    Medical Examination Report (Vocational Licence Application / Renewal)
    Assessment On Fitness To Drive For Vocational Licence Holders Aged 70 Years And Above
    Application For Renewal Of Expired Vocational Licence
    Alternatively, you may also pick up a copy from LTA office:
    Information Counter
    Level 1, 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701
    Hours of operation:
    Mon to Fri : 8.00 am to 4.30 pm
    Sat : 8.00 am to 12.00 pm
    For more information on Vocational Licence, please click here.

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